ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua hosts Italian and international delegations interested in exploring the role of waste material in educational contexts, and to examine in depth themes related to design and realization of Educational Programs based upon creative re-use, respect for the environment, and the promotion of ecological awareness.

Our Educational Programs include: theoretical courses, supported by multimedia presentation of the projects, in order to enrich knowledge of diverse personal and professional experiences; and practical workshops, in order to experiment the infinite potential of company waste material, used as a new learning element or a complementary element to one’s educational methods.

From January 2017 was born a new project called SENSIlibri, a Project, aimed at the visually impaired and sighted, aged 0 to 99. The SENSIlibri project was born out of the collaboration between the Tolomeo museum and the NGO ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua, with the participation of the Botroidi museum during the Arte Fiera 2017 art exhibition, from January 26 to 4 February 2017. We organized a program of events directed to national and international delegations interested in living experiences related to culture, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.

What we offer


Participation in 2-5 hour-long Educational Programs.


Guided tour of the Waste Material Emporium.


Educational Programs for the discovery of different languages of expression.


Contact us

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• Mobile: +39 392.2019710 (Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-19:00)

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Required for application to all initiatives:

Membership card (€5) – valid 1 year from September 1st to August 31st.

Educational Programs:

2-hour Program- €15 per participant

5-hour Program- €40 per participant

Who has chosen us?

Ass. Cult. Orso Blu (Fidenza)

Fundação Curro Velho -FCV


Le scuole di Uppsala, Sundsvall, Bromma, Södermalm (Stockholm) e Södertälje.

Triangelns Förskola – Asilo nido svedese
Marianne Ohlen Prati
Monika Juric

Nato Tejima
Professore di arte e design
Unversità di Tokyo

Association for International Early Childhood Education (AIECE) di Tokyo

Yumiko Toge
Tomomi Miyasaka
Scuola d’Infanzia Giapponese

Liceo Arcangeli di Bologna
Young artists in emergency

Takako Kawano
Hideki Maeshima

Spazio Aperto MultiMediale
Riuso Creativo di Materiale di Scarto Industriale
CARL – Organizzazione Sociopsichiatrica Cantonale – 6850 Mendrisio Ticino – Svizzera

Reggio Emilia Instututet:
– Idéan, Umeå
– Sameskolstyrelsen, Jokkmokk



Förskolor A- Ö, kommunala och fristående