Creativity Lab

The Creativity Lab is a space equipped with a large workbench, tools and fixtures for the manipulation of the waste materials that are assembled, purposely, without the use of glue: a corner for the development of manual skill and to complement creativity.

In the Creativity Lab you may design and build objects of all kinds, manipulating waste material aided by the guidance of artists, artisans, or simple co-users!

We also hold events of all kinds, aimed to stimulate and promote participation, responsibility and social-cultural effort across the territory.

A place where relationships between children, adults, artists or other professionals, even of unusual working areas or diverse cultures, the Creativity Lab is a space for social encounter.


2012 marked the beginning of a partnership between ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua and the Polo Michelangelo  University of Design (Bologna), with the pilot project “StudentiOggi – DesignerDomani©®” (Students Today – Designers Tomorrow), a specifically designed workshop dedicated to the university’s students, involving them in the Creativity Lab and for the creation of the magazine “PMAGAZINE-La Triologia del design” (PMagazine- A Design Trilogy).


Who can pop in?


The Creativity Lab is a service available to all users interested in manipulating rejected industrial material to make new creations, or willing to teach others to do the same, with traditional or original manufacturing techniques!

We also welcome all public and private institutions that operate in the arts, educational, environmental, cultural, and social fields, fostering social integration and promoting culture.

Doors open to PTAs from EC, kindergarten, and elementary schools, with which we can design labs for the creation of functional objects, furniture or decorations, or objects that can be sold for charity. In this way bridges between culture, education and school can be built.


The Creativity Lab is open to groups from a minimum of 6 participants to a maximum of 12 participants.


Opening hours

To be agreed upon with ReMida.

Contact us

•  Email: prenotazioni@remidabologna.it
•   Mobile: (+39) 392.2019710.


To be agreed upon based on requirements, through e-mail or by phoning ReMida directly.