Waste Material Emporium

The Waste Material Emporium is a physical, cultural location where waste material as a resource is promoted, and where those who enter find such material, but also suggestions, sensations, curiosities, fun, emotions, cooperation opportunities and unexpected encounters.

The materials in the Emporium, adequately collected, exhibited and readily available for users, do not come from landfills or even waste collection bins, but are the scrap and swarf of industrial production, or mistakes and remainders left in company warehouses, no longer sellable, that companies have provided to ReMida for free.

Inside the Emporium you may find many different types of company waste materials: cloth and yarn (jute, linen, wool, silk, rope, ribbon, passementerie); metals and electronics (iron, aluminum, steel, copper clippings, springs, electric components, motherboards, cables); ceramics, plastics, and derived components (plexiglas, polycarbonates, synthetic monofilaments, nylon, acetate, pre-pregs, foams, sponge rubber, packaging plastics, containers, thread spools, texturized polyamide fibres, tubes, buttons and pre-molded buttons); paper and cardboard (sheets, rolls, cuttings, print tests), wood fogli, rotoli, ritagli, prove di stampa); and wood (reels, shafts, spools, pallets,die boards, contours, chunks, panels, boards, frames).


All those who see an educational, artistic, or aesthetic potential in waste material, that may give birth to sustainable forms of expression.


Member users may pick up different materials every day our premises are open to the public, with unlimited access.

Maximum quantities that can be picked up are indicated on the containers, and vary according to quantity and volume of each material made available by our providing companies

If you require a greater quantity of single material than the one made available, you must file a request directly to the ReMida personnel that will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, availability and requirements.

Inside the Emporium


In our library corner, you may consult books and articles concerning various themes.


Come to the Interactive Room, dedicated to material research, and for discovery of the attractiveness and communication potential of waste material.


Saved by ReMida

An area predisposed for trading books otherwise destined to the pulping mill.

Our objective is to offer the possibility of recycling ideas, dreams, feelings, fears, laughs, and adventures that are hidden like treasures inside books.

This space is open on all opening days of the Emporium.


Opening days

Opening days for material pick-up

Tuesday from 14.30 to 18.00.

Thursday from 14.30 to 18.00.

Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00.

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Contact us

•  Email: prenotazioni@remidabologna.it
•  Mobile: (+39) 392.2019710.


Prices may vary in relation to the number and type of users. Consult specific section.

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