The Atelier is sub-divided into different Theme-based Rooms (Room of Light, Building Room), that are contexts in which children and adults are invited to investigate, understand, live diverse languages of expression and discover new materials, putting their creativity to the test and building links between different areas of knowledge. The Rooms are predisposed for a continuous transformation, and offer a discovery of different themes, all through the vehicle of waste material.

Each space is purposely intended to be modifiable by any user, within the rules of respect for the materials, their forms and infinite combinations: this is why we do not encourage the use of glue, as this would prevent from exploring and experimenting with the material and its infinite creative potential, compromising its identity. Thanks to ReMida’s work of observation and documentation, it is possible to look back at and reflect upon the different cognitive processes activated throughout experiences in our Rooms.

From January 2017 was born a new project called SENSIlibri in aTelier_A dialogue of communication codes, a Project, aimed at the visually impaired and sighted, aged 0 to 99. The SENSIlibri project was born out of the collaboration between the Tolomeo museum and the NGO ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua, with the participation of the Botroidi museum during the Arte Fiera 2017 art exhibition, from January 26 to 4 February 2017. It consists in ANIMATED TOURS AND WORKSHOPS FOR SCHOOLS, every Monday and Wednesday morning from 10 to 12.


Here we offer the opportunity to discover different material surfaces, observing how some materials capture and reflect threads, textures and densities, like one toneless color when interacting with light.

The addition of light influences our perception, revealing the objects and materials to us in new, multiple forms.


Here you can (re)discover the pleasure of building, through a game of combinations where waste materials become elements of reflection, invention, and composition of creative architectural works. Through experimentation of putting together and balancing different shapes and dimensions, relationship with space, mathematical and physical abilities are developed. This also favors social skills and cooperation between children, young adults and adults.

Who can pop in?


The different programs available, for users of all types and age groups and supported by specific educational material, change every year based upon which areas of research related to materials that ReMida decides to develop.


Consult the Educational Program and chose the sub-program of your interest:

    Programma rivolto a Nidi, Scuole d’Infanzia e Primarie
    Programma rivolto alle Scuole Secondarie di Primo e Secondo Grado


Orchard&Garden is an educational project directed to teachers and students, born in cooperation with the association SEME and Ms.  Beatrice Calia, and centered on outdoor education. It is plein-air environment that gathers examples of the nature surrounding us, and where it is possible to stop, observe, investigate and re-discover the richness and diversity of an enchanted garden setting.

A place for multisensory immersion, in full respect of the environment. It is designed to offer an occasion of dialogue between natural and artificial materials, carrying visitors towards an ecological awareness of our planet.

Download Orchard&Garden Project


Play in ReMida

Play in ReMida is a service studied to give children and adults a special context where to spend quality time playing with new and old friends: an occasion to socialize whilst experimenting with, touching, and transforming company waste material.

In practice, groups of families may choose to book one of our workshops or organize a sustainable and alternative birthday party, in the pursuit of fun and creativity within our Atelier, taking advantage of our Room of Light and our Building Room.

Play in ReMida is directed to groups from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 20 children.



Hours of availability

The educational programs, directed to schools of all grades and levels, will be available, only upon advance booking, from Tuesday to Friday, in the morning from 9:30 to 11:30, and in the afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00.

Play in ReMida dates will be chosen based upon user requirements.

Contact us

•  Email: prenotazioni@remidabologna.it
•  Mobile: (+39) 392.2019710.


Prices vary according to number and types of users.

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