Who are we?

ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua is a Center for Creative Re-use of Manufacturing Company Waste Material, managed by Associazione Funamboli, in cooperation with Geovest (the local recycling service) and promoted by the district of Calderara di Reno.
The Associazione Funamboli (literally the ‘tightrope walker’s association’), born in Bologna in 2007, is an NGO for Social Promotion (by legislative decree 383/2000), managed by 5 young ladies that promote ecological and ethical behavior, through the ideation and realization of educational projects addressed to: children, young adults, teachers, and all categories of educators.

The NGO’s effort has been recently awarded by the Emilia-Romagna Region, that has listed ReMida among certified Centers for Service and Consultancy for the 2014-15 school year.
To access all our services, a 5 euro membership fee must be paid, along with an additional fee that varies according to the services and/or activities chosen. For further information, please read our Regulations, and consult the pages dedicated to each user type.




The ReMida Project

Born in 1996 in Reggio Emilia, as an idea of the City of Reggio Emilia and the company Iren Emilia, ReMida has since collected within its structures the materials from waste or remainders of industrial and handmade production. In this way ReMida gives anew life to production waste or mistakes, through new uses and functions, including:

ReMida's got numbers!

Last update: September 2014.


ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua is part of an international ReMida network, comprising 17 centers to date, all inspired by the same philosophy of spreading the culture of creative re-use of waste material. The other centers are in:  Reggio Emilia, Naples, Turin, Rovereto, Genoa, Milan, Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), Varese (Italy), Trondheim (Norway), Södertälje, Skillingaryd (Sweden), Frankfurt (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and  Perth (Australia).

Il Network (mappa)



The district of Calderara di Reno (Bologna) promotes our project, considering it strategic for its territory.


Geovest_Servizi per l’ambiente (Geovest environmental services) is the Company, co-owned by 11 member districts, that carries out the collection, transport, recovery and recycling of urban waste, as well as road sweeping and cleaning.


NaturaSì is Italy’s main supermarket chain specialized in biological and natural food products.